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What is COKODIVE Bulk Buys membership?

COKODIVE Bulk Buys membership is designed for customers who wish to make frequent, high-volume purchases of albums and other products. These customers may include group order managers handling new release purchases for friends, collectors wanting to buy multiple copies of an album in one go, or retailers wishing to stock albums and merchandise. Regardless of the reason, the primary objective is to buy a large quantity of products at a reduced cost.

Who is eligible for COKODIVE Bulk Buys membership?

Any customer of can apply for COKODIVE Bulk Buys membership. Based on your application, previous orders, and communication history, we will assess whether COKODIVE Bulk Buys membership would be appropriate for you.

Even first-time customers can become COKODIVE Bulk Buys members if they provide a valid reason for membership. COKODIVE Bulk Buys membership operates on the principles of mutual understanding and trust.

What are the benefits of being a COKODIVE Bulk Buys member?

COKODIVE Bulk Buys members can purchase albums in large quantities at discounted prices and enjoy increased purchase and shipping weight limits per cart.

However, certain purchase restrictions apply to COKODIVE Bulk Buys members. To be eligible for shipping discounts through COKODIVE Bulk Buys, you must place an order exceeding a specific threshold, currently set at a minimum of 10 of the same item.

What kind of discounts do COKODIVE Bulk Buys members get, and how do I know I'm receiving mine?

Based on the size of your company and volume of your Bulk Buys orders, COKODIVE staff will assign you to a membership level from regular MEMBER level all the way up to DIAMOND. Customers are then given access to their membership level's catalog with prices already reduced accordingly. (In the event a member's level changes, they will be notified via email.)

As part of our current promotion, members who sign up right now are automatically upgraded to SILVER level membership, meaning the products in their catalog have been discounted by 15% compared to the non-member prices on the standard COKODIVE website. 

First-time customers will also receive 20% off of shipping on their first order.

Please keep in mind that no discount codes are required to receive these discounts, as they are automatically adjusted through our commerce platform. If you ever have any questions about pricing or inquiries about our membership program, please reach out to our wholesale team via email (

Will I still be able to choose specific album versions?

Absolutely! While your COKODIVE Bulk Buys membership account is entirely separate from your original account, you can continue enjoying the same version options as those on You have nothing to lose by exploring this service.

How do I apply for COKODIVE Bulk Buys membership?

To become a COKODIVE Bulk Buys member, simply create your account here:



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